Frequently Asked Questions


There are two basic styles of seat covers that we make.  

The Ski-Doo and Moto-Ski type are a staple on cover

The Arctic Cat style is a zip on with snaps

Below are some tips and tricks to make installation of your seat cover easier. 


  • Take cover out of box and put in a warm place to become pliable.

  • Use a good original dry foam and wooden base.  If foam has been outside it will need to come in where it is warm to thoroughly dry out. 

  • Put cover over top of foam being careful to center and align for proper fit.

  • Staple the front and rear edges first making sure the cover is pulled tight.  Next do the sides watching for wrinkles.  Turn seat over several times as you staple to make sure it is going on correctly.

  • Some models have a trunk or light.  The trunk is stapled in and cut out after the cover has been installed over the foam.


  • Take cover out of box and put in a warm place to become pliable.

  • Use a good original dry foam.  If foam has been outside it will need to come in where it is warm to thoroughly dry out.

  • Use a large plastic garbage bag (33 gallon size) to put over your foam.  You can usually tie the handle to keep it in place.  The bag helps the cover slide into place a lot easier.

  • Putting the cover over the foam can be challenging, it will require some wrestling and patience and finally some tweaking. 

  • Put the front part of the cover over the foam first.  Some models use a zipper in the front fuel tank area to make this easier. 

  • When the front is in place as far as it will go bend the foam to allow the bottom and rear of the cover clearance to work it's way into place.

  • Next you will have to work the foam up into all parts of the cover, watching closely as you go.

  • When you have the cover fitted over the foam carefully close the zipper.  You may have to pull on sides of the cover to help close the zipper. 

  • Recheck the cover to make sure the foam is up in everywhere it is supposed to be.  If necessary you can pull and twist on the seat.

  • It is now ready to snap on the machine.  Make sure your snaps are all in good shape.  

  • Usually start snapping at the front and work to the back.  Some may have to be stretched others may look loose until the seat is on the machine.  

  • Over time the cover conforms and shrinks to make a tight fit and any stretching or wrinkles go away.


Return Policy

We make our patterns and seat covers based on the information we have been able to locate. We look at several machines and seats to verify the fit. However due to variances in the original manufacturers seats and machines the fit can vary. We have found that most fit problems have been due to mismatch of cover to seat/machine and installation difficulties putting cover on seat. Please refer to the installation tips above. Please also keep in mind that the foam and original seats are over thirty years old and have changed over time. The old covers have shrunk and foams have expanded causing an extremely tight fit. The new cover will also begin to shrink to fit and conform to the shape of the foam. In most cases the new piping is stronger and stiffer than the vinyl that it is sewn to. It also will begin to form to the shape of the foam and the seat. 

We do allow returns in the event of an error involving the model and year. If you are not absolutely sure of the year and model of your machine please send a picture or email to eliminate the possibility of a mistake. If a mistake does happen the cover can be returned to be replaced by another in-stock cover. Buyer to pay any price difference. Because we can not control what happens to the covers once they leave our property we will not be held responsible for installation problems. Such as incorrect, wet or miss shaped foam. Other installation problems include snaps that are missing or have been relocated on the machine. If the seat cover uses snaps i will be happy to leave them off and buyer can put them on to be 100% sure of the location. We do not allow returns based on buyer no longer needing the seat cover.

We do allow returns due to slight fit problems that we feel are not due to installation problems. The return cover will be repaired or replaced on a case by case basis. We do not allow returns for refunds. Our company policy is we would much rather adjust our patterns and tweak the fit as this will lead to a better product in the end. Buyer to pay for return shipping only.

Any return must be agreed upon first. Please contact us by email first. We don't always check email everyday but do return all emails. We have an answering machine to leave a message with return number. We don't always have time to call back immediately but we do return phone messages.