About Us


ATWOODPARTS was formed from our interest in detailed  restorations of vintage machines. We have enjoyed snowmobiling since 1970!

We started manufacturing replacement seat covers in 2003.  To date we have made and sold several thousand covers.  Over the last few months we have rechecked the fit and revised our patterns in an effort to make our covers fit as close to the original as possible. We are currently expanding our seat cover list to include more and more vintage snowmobiles.  At this time, all seat covers are cut, sewn, manufactured and marketed from our location in Proctor, Vermont. 

Our Perspective

A new seat cover makes a nice machine even nicer!

We offer exceptional covers at an affordable price

We have many happy customers. We feel that we offer a good quality product at a reasonable price. By producing several identical covers at one time we keep production costs down, making us competitive with upholstery shops who must make patterns and generally only make one cover at a time.  Many popular covers are in stock and ready to ship. If not in stock, we try to build and ship within 1 or 2 days of an order.


We are not affiliated with any snowmobile manufacturing companies.  The seat covers are meant to be a  replacement with a similar but not necessarily identical vinyl material.  We do the best we can to try to match the grain, thickness, etc. of original covers  with materials that are currently available.  We use heat pleated materials whenever possible,  but in many cases patterns are sewn in rather than heat pleated with consideration to durability and to keep the cost down.